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Resistant dextrin is a light yellow syrup or powder product.
Release Date:17-06-20
The physical and chemical properties of erythritol are compared to other sugar alcohol
Release Date:17-05-25
Erythritol, sugar sugar alcohol - baked food products new functional ingredients.
Release Date:17-05-05
New product come into the Market
Release Date:17-04-27
There is a good news of the Trehalose. For the Trehalose, We build a new equipment to expand capacity, and now our capacity of Trehalose is about 480 tons/month. With the expanding of production capacity, now the price of Trehalose is very good. Also, we have made test of our Trehalose with Hayashibara of Japan.
Release Date:17-04-21
CMP resin is a short form of vinyl chloride-vinyl isobutyl ether resin and is made from 75% vinyl chloride and 25% vinyl isobutyl ether.
It is has good binding effect owing to its molecular property. And it is very easy to be dissolved with some other paint binder. It can be used for making anti-fire paint if add fireproofing agent.
Release Date:17-04-17
they are common low calorie sweeteners products,but they are differnt,
Release Date:17-04-17
Release Date:17-04-11
Release Date:17-04-07
Polyurethane resin are formulated with special diisocyanates and the compound of containing active hydrogen, then to modified
Release Date:17-02-16
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