Thermoplastic Acrylic Resin , AR-66 Solid Acrylic Resin For Plastic / Container Coating

Basic Information
Place of Origin: Anhui
Brand Name: elite-indus
Certification: none
Model Number: AR-66
Minimum Order Quantity: 500kgs -1000kgs
Price: Negotiation
Packaging Details: 25kgs net per bag
Delivery Time: within 15days after order confirmed.
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 500mts / month

Thermoplastic Solid Acrylic Resin





Acrylic resin is soluble in ester, ketone and aromatics and insoluble in 200# gasoline and alcohol.

Or can soluble in alcohols, esters, Ketones and aromatics at normal temperature.




1, Good adhesion and flexibility;

2, Good dispersivity and leveling;

3, Good chemical,water and alcohol resistance;

4, Good compatibility with Chlorinated rubber or High Chlorinated Polyethylene or CPVC, CAB or NC;


Potential Applications:

1, Coating (such as Fire-retardant coating, Container paint and ship coating etc...);

2, Paint (such as road marking paint, Industrial paint, Floor paint etc...);

3, Alcohol soluble inks.

4, Varnish


Packing & storage:

1, 25kg/bag, 25bags on a pallet, 12.5mts/1x20’GP.

2, Storage in the place where is dry and installed with ventilation equipment, not in wet place.

Its shelf life is 2 years.


Specification: (as below)

Grade Solid Content % Tg(℃) Viscosity Application
AR-01 100 45 250-450(37.5% In Toluene) Exterior Coating; Fire-retardant Coating


AR-02 100 40 250-450(37.5% In Toluene) Road marking paint; Floor coating
AR-05 100 82 300-500(37.5% In Toluene) Anti-corrosive coating; Industrial coating
AR-06 100 50 100-180(37.5% In Toluene)

Industrial coating, Container coating;

Machinery Enamel

AR-10 100 47

200-400(30% In Gasline/

Butyl Alcoho-85/15)

Exterior coating;ink
AR-13 100 80 2000-4000(40% In Toluene) High-gloss Industrial coating; Plastic coating
AR-13B 100 75 2000-4000(40% In Toluene) Plastic coating; Aluminum paint
AR-17 100 56 2000-4000(51% In Toluene) ABS Plastic coating; Leather Varnish
AR-24 100 57 350-550(40% In MEK) Ceramic Varnish; Heat sealing varnish
AR-24B 100 40 400-500(40% In MEK) Ceramic varnish,Heat Seal Lacquers)
AR-40 100 45 400-700(37.5% In Toluene) Appliance Paint; Glass paint
AR-44 100 59 850-1300(40% In Toluene) Fluorocarbon paint; Screen printing ink; Industrial coating; Metal Varnish
AR-53 100 53 350-550(40% In Ethanol) Ink; Plastic coating
AR-54 100 54 300-500(40% In Xylene) Thermal transfer ink
AR-58 100 52 2400-2800(50% In Xylene) Industrial coating; Floor coating
AR-66 100 50 2000-4000(51% In Toluene) Plastic coating; Container coating
AR-76 100 76 150-250(40% In Toluene) Thermal transfer ink
AR-396 100 39 100-200(40% In Ethanol) Environment-friendly coating and ink
AR-725 100 61 250-450(40% In Toluene) Plastic coating;PVC inks
AR-728 100 110 400-600(30% In MEK) Hard plastic coating


Thermoplastic Acrylic Resin , AR-66 Solid Acrylic Resin For Plastic / Container Coating






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