Beverage Oligosaccharide Syrup Polysaccharide Xylooligosaccharide XOS 95% Powder

Basic Information
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: elite-indus
Certification: ISO
Model Number: powder/syrup
Minimum Order Quantity: 1kg
Price: USD40-80/KG
Packaging Details: 20kgs/drum
Delivery Time: About one week after order confirmed
Supply Ability: 100 TONS PER MONTH





Description of XOS:


Short name: XOS, Molecular weight: 132n+18(n=2~7)

Molecular formula: C5nH8n+2O4n+1

Rang of MV:282-942

XOS is a functional polysaccharide formed by connecting 2-7 xylose molecules with β-1, 4 glucosidic bond, and is a super prebiotic.

Raw material:By enzymatic hydrolysis from Corncob



How does XOS work?
Biologically, XOS could stimulate bifidobacterium and lactobacillus of hind intestine, stimulate beneficial bacteria and inhibit pathogenic bacteria;
Chemically, Beneficial bacteria ferment XOS as energy source and produce SCFA, increase SCFA concentration of intestine and decrease pH value of intestine, destroy the growth environment of pathogenic bacteria.


Physiological and Chemical characters of XOS:
High-selection to proliferate beneficial bacterial;
Hardly be discomposed by digestion enzymes system;
Strong stability to against acid and heat;
Low effective dosage 0.01-0.05%;

XOS Functions:
Proliferate beneficial bacteria, inhibit harmful bacteria, and ease constipation and diarrhea.
Decrease the toxic fermentation products and toxic bacteria enzymes.
Improve the absorption of calcium and iron, also improve the maintainability.
Decrease the serum cholesterol, and blood pressure;
Protect liver
Improve immunity
Prevent dental caries
Promote to have more nutriments, like B-series vitamins;
Promote growth of benefiticial bacterial and inhibit growth of harmful bacteria;
Inhibit pathogen and prevent diarrhea;
Promote bowl peristalsis, east constipation and reduce colon toxin;
Improve metabolism, digestion and nutrition absorption, improve feed conversion rate and animal growth performance;
Decrease faeces order and improve air and growth environment;
Improve immunity and replace antibiotic;Application:


Beverage Oligosaccharide Syrup Polysaccharide Xylooligosaccharide XOS 95% Powder



Specification of XOS:

Items XOS-70 XOS-95 XOS-99
Liquid Powder Liquid Powder Liquid Powder
Moisture/% - 5 - 5 - 5
Dry matter(solids)/% 70 - 70 - 70 -
Transmittancy/% 70 - 70 - 70 -
pH 3.5~6.0
XOS2-7content(As dry basis)/% 70 70 95 95 99 99
XOS2-4content(As dry basis)/% 50 50 65 65 75 75
Ash/% 0.3



Application of XOS:

Medicine and health care products, dairy products and beverages, food products


Packing of XOS:


Powder:20kgs/Paper bucket

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