Popular Low Calorie Sweeteners Food Grade Erythritol 18 - 60 Mesh For Baked Product

Basic Information
Place of Origin: Anhui,China(mainland)
Brand Name: elite-indus
Certification: ISO ,KOSHER,HALAL
Model Number: AEI 03
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 ton
Price: Negotiation
Packaging Details: 25kg/bag,about 18.7mts/20'gp
Delivery Time: 10-15work days after the order confirmed
Supply Ability: 800 ton per month

food grade free samle best quality erythritol powder for food and beverage


Food grade erythritol 18-60mesh is a very popular sweetener, which is unique natural polyol sweeteners with non calorie and clear cool mouth feel.
Erythritol is a polyol (sugar alcohol) which is very popular for use in baking and as a general sweetener in low carb diets.
Erythritol, as alternatives to sugars and as part of a comprehensive program including proper dental hygiene has been recognized by the American dental association.


Popular Low Calorie Sweeteners Food Grade Erythritol 18 - 60 Mesh For Baked Product

1. Low calories: Erythritol has very low caloric content; its value is 0. 2 calories per gram for food labeling purposes in the united states and 0 (zero) calories per gram.

2. High digestive tolerance: Erythritol is rapidly absorbed in the small intestine due to its small molecular size and structure.

3. Safe for diabetes’ person: Single dose and 14-day clinical studies demonstrate erythritol does not affect blood serum glucose or insulin levels.

4. Do not cause tooth decay: Erythritol like other polyols is resistant to metabolism by oral bacteria which break down sugars and starches to produce acids which
may lead to tooth enamel loss and cavities formation.
According to a 3- year study in 485 school children, erythritol was even more protective against dental caries
than xylitol and sorbitol

Overall, erythritol appears to be an excentlysweetener.
*It contains almost no calories.
*It has 70% of the sweetness of sugar.
*It doesn’t raise blood sugar or insulin levels.
*Human studies show very little side effects… mainly minor digestive issues in some people.
*Studies where animals are fed massive amounts for long periods of time show no adverse effects

Why Do People Use Erythritol?
*Erythritol has almost no calories. In the United States, erythritol is labeled as having 0.2 calories per gram, which is 95 percent fewer calories than sugar.
In Japan, erythritol is labeled as having zero calories.

*Erythritol has not been found to affect blood sugar or insulin levels and has a zero glycemic index.
*Erythritol has a sweet taste. Some say it tastes more like sugar than other natural sweeteners.
Popular Low Calorie Sweeteners Food Grade Erythritol 18 - 60 Mesh For Baked Product

Item Specification
Appearance White crystalline powder
Assay (on dry basis) 99.5-100.5%
Loss on drying 0.20%
PH 5.0-7.0
Reducing Sugars 0.3
Ribitol and glycerol 0.1
Melting range 118~122
Ash 0.1
Heavy metal(pb) 1.0 mg/kg
Arsenic(count as As) 0.3 mg/kg
Lead(Pb) 1.0 mg/kg
Bacterium total 300 cfu/g
E.Coli 30 MPN/100g


Widely used in drinks, candy, cake, chocolate, bakery products, table sugar etc.

25kg/bag, about 18.75mt on pallet/20gp; about 20 mt without pallet/20gp

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