paper–plastic dry laminating adhesive dry glue 50 series for dry-type high speed lamination machine

Basic Information
Place of Origin: Anhui, China
Brand Name: Elite-Indus
Certification: none
Model Number: dry glue 50 series
Minimum Order Quantity: 1000kgs by LCL
Price: USD1.20-1.25/kg
Packaging Details: 50kgs,200kgs, 1000kgs IBC.
Delivery Time: within 15days after order confirmed.
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 5000mts annual

Water based acrylic emulsion lamination adhesive

(Dry Lamination Glue / Heat seal lamination glue )

                                speical use for high speed lamination machine


Brief introduction:

It is benzene/toluene free water based acrylic polymer adhesive designed for dry bond /heat seal laminating process.


It is single component that has good adhesion and flexible film .

It has low viscosity that is very suitable for high speed machine.



For lamination of plastic film like PET, BOPP, MPET to printed paper or silver /gold cardboard.


Suit for dry /heat seal type manual and automatic laminating machine.




Features Technical Parameter








1, special use for high speed lamination process


2, lower adhesive consumption, reduce production cost


3, suitable for high speed lamination machine,

    such as milk box, carton etc..

    without embossing process.



Acrylate copolymer


1, Appearance: Milky

    white emulsion

2, Viscosity (MPA.S):


3, PH value: 6.0-8.0

4, Storage: 6 months

5, Toxicity: non toxic

6, Solid content: 





Noted: can be suitable for dry-type automatic with higher speed,

Recommend to be used for compounding gold silver and ink printing, or gray board paper printing.



1. Lower consumption than oil / solvent based lamination adhesives.

2. water based adhesive, free of toluene, eco-friendly.

3, Easy to clean the lamination equipment.



(1), 50kgs/Plastic drum, 20650kgs/1x20’GP without pallet. 13500kgs/1x20`gp withou pallet.

(2), 200kgs/drum,16000kgs/1x20’GP

(3), 1000kgs/IBC, 20000kgs/1x20’GP

paper–plastic dry laminating adhesive dry glue 50 series for dry-type high speed lamination machinepaper–plastic dry laminating adhesive dry glue 50 series for dry-type high speed lamination machine



1, Before lamination, raise the temperature of the laminating machine roller to 95-110℃,

     the temperature of the drying tunnel to 80-95℃.


2, Pour the laminating adhesive into the glue tank, start the roller to keep the adhesive disperse

    on roller evenly, The amount of adhesive consumption shall be flexibly adjusted according to

    the paper or film need to be laminated.


3, After complete drying the adhesive on film, the real temperature of the roller shall be 80-95℃,

    the roller pressure shall be around 6-20kgs.


4, the pressure roll shall be controlled flexibly to ensure no adhesive overflow from both sides of film

     and connections.



1, Clean the adhesive tank and roller before use our adhesive;

2, Do not mix our adhesive with other adhesives;

3, Our adhesive only apply for BOPP film with corona over 38 Dyne ;

5, Better make testing for with film or paper, before mass production, to check the color retention or bonding strength;

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