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Exploring Sweeter Choices: What is Isomalt?

July 10, 2024

Latest company news about Exploring Sweeter Choices: What is Isomalt?
  • Isomalt is a sugar substitute that can be used to create hard candies, cakes, and other sugar-free confections.
  • Compared to regular sugar, isomalt has fewer calories and a negligible effect on blood glucose, making it a safe sugar alternative for people with diabetes and those following a strict diet.
  • Raw isomalt goes through a process of boiling, coloring, and cooling before it can be used.
  • Isomalt is a better option than sugar for your dental and digestive health.


Are you searching for a healthier way to satisfy your sweet tooth? Isomalt may be the right sugar alternative to help you get your fix without compromising your health goals.

Research shows that Americans are increasingly turning to nonnutritive sweeteners to satisfy their sugar cravings.

In addition, the global isomalt market is projected to surpass $1.6 billion by the end of 2030. But what makes this sugar substitute so popular?

If you need to create sweet confections that don’t spike your blood sugar or sabotage your weight-loss goals, keep reading to learn how you can use isomalt to make them.

What is Isomalt?

Isomalt is a versatile sugar substitute widely used in various culinary and confectionary creations.

It’s produced through a two-step enzymatic process during which sucrose (table sugar) is converted into isomaltose, which is then transformed into isomalt. It differs from traditional sweeteners like corn syrup due to its unique chemical structure.

Isomalt is a type of sugar alcohol called a polyol. Unlike the ethanol found in alcoholic beverages, which only has one hydroxyl group, polyols feature multiple hydroxyl groups attached to their carbon atoms.

Isomalt crystals provide a sugar-like sweetness with unique advantages.

What makes isomalt better than sugar?

Isomalt is known for its low impact on blood glucose levels and minimal calorie contribution, making it an ideal choice for those monitoring their sugar intake or trying to manage their weight.

At two calories per gram, it has approximately half the calories of table sugar, and it’s about half as sweet.

This unique attribute allows isomalt to be effectively paired with other sweeteners to tailor the sweetness profile of food as needed, enhancing its versatility as a sugar substitute in a wide variety of culinary applications.

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