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April 9, 2024

Latest company news about Product----Allulose

Product – Allulose

latest company news about Product----Allulose  0

Our allulose

We obtain the allulose from the fructose in non-genetically modified, renewable raw materials, such as sugar beet.

In our product portfolio, we offer crystalline allulose. What makes allulose so attractive is that with 0.2-0.4 kcal/g, it has only a tenth of the calories of table sugar, but as real sugar.

Its chemical properties and technical characteristics mean that allulose can be used in a variety of ways in food and beverages.

In nature, allulose occurs in dried figs, kiwis, and raisins.

Real sugar without calories

latest company news about Product----Allulose  1

  1. Monosaccharide & epimer of fructose
  2. Reducing sugar → maillard reaction = browning effect
  3. Solubility comparable to that of sucrose
  4. 100% biodegradable
  5. Calorific value: 0.2-0.4 kcal/g
  6. Glycaemic Index: 1
  7. Insulin index: 1.5

latest company news about Product----Allulose  2

  • Good tolerance (guideline daily consumption: 0.8 g per kg body weight)
  • Sweetness: 60-70 % compared to sucrose
  • Positive influence on the product texture and mouth feeling
  • Body-giving in the final product
  • Can be used in various food applications, e.g. baked goods, confectionary, beverages, sauces, ketchup, ice cream, fruit formulations
  • GMO-free, made in China





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