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Sweetener Functional Oligosaccharide Soluble Dietary Fiber

Minimum Order Quantity : 10KGS Price : USD 30-50/KG
Packaging Details : 25kg/carton or bags Delivery Time : 5-10 working day
Payment Terms : L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, , Supply Ability : 1000 tons per year
Place of Origin: China Brand Name: elt
Certification: iso hahal

Detail Information

Model Number: Sweetener CAS NO: 87-99-0
MF: C5NH8N+2O4N+1 EINECS No.: 201-069-1
FEMA No.: 3025 COLOR: White Or Light Yellow
PH: 3.5-6.5 Moisture: 5%
Assay: 35%
High Light:

functional oligosaccharide Soluble Dietary Fiber


sweetener functional oligosaccharide


Soluble oligosaccharide powder

Product Description

functional oligosaccharide Xylooligosaccharides 35 powder for feed​


Xylooligosaccharides (XOS) are polymers of the sugar xylose.

They are produced from the xylan fraction in plant fiber.

Their C5 structure is fundamentally different from other prebiotics, which are based upon C6 sugars.

Xylooligosaccharides have been commercially available since the 1980s, originally produced by Suntory in Japan.

They have more recently become more widely available commercially,

as technologies have advanced and production costs have fallen.

Some enzymes from yeast can exclusively converts xylan into only xylooligosaccharides-DP-3 to 7


Function of Xylo-oligosaccharide

xylooligosaccharide can promote the reproduction of beneficial bacteria in animal digestive tract,

inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria, and improve the balance of microbial flora.

By blocking the binding of pathogen and host cell receptor, the pathogen can not get the nutrition provided by the host and "starve to death".
Stimulate the immune system of animals and improve immunity.

Improve feed utilization rate, improve animal production performance.

xylooligosaccharide can promote intestinal peristalsis, regulate bowel movement, and prevent fecal secretion.

Improve livestock and poultry breeding environment, reduce ammonia and other harmful gas emissions.



How does xylooligosaccharide work
Synthesis of Xylooligosaccharides β- The 1,4-glycosidic bond can not be decomposed by digestive enzymes in animal gastrointestinal tract,

and it is not used by harmful microorganisms.

It can directly reach the end of small intestine and large intestine, and it is the only nutrient substrate for Bifidobacterium and other beneficial bacteria to promote their proliferation.

A large number of beneficial bacteria can prevent the colonization and invasion of conditional pathogens and control the release of endotoxin.

Xylooligosaccharides can be used as the binding receptor of pathogenic bacteria to competitively bind with plant lectin (or sugar binding protein) on the cell surface of pathogenic bacteria, which can reduce the chance of binding between pathogenic bacteria and intestinal epithelial cells and greatly reduce the pathogenicity.

At the same time, because of the barrier effect of xylooligosaccharides, the pathogen can not attach to the host cells and exist in free state,

so the tolerance of antibiotics will be greatly reduced, which can greatly improve the bactericidal and antibacterial effect of antibiotics on pathogens, and can combine with certain toxins and viruses to reduce the harm to animals.

Xylooligosaccharides can induce a variety of cytokines in animal immune system,

promote the production of interferon, activate macrophages and T, B lymphocytes,

improve the lethality of natural killer cells (NK) and promote the production of antibodies, so as to enhance animal immune function.

Bifidobacteria and other beneficial bacteria proliferate in large quantities, increase the secretion of short chain fatty acids,

acetic acid and lactic acid, stimulate intestinal peristalsis, change osmotic pressure, increase fecal water, and prevent constipation.

Xylooligosaccharides have the basic characteristics of soluble dietary fiber,

can also improve the intestinal physiological structure, promote the absorption and utilization of feed nutrients,

and improve the production performance of animals.


Physicochemical Standards










Moisture/% (≤)



5.0 5.0
Dry matter/%(≥) - - -
Transmitancy/%(≥) - - -
PH 3.5 ~ 6.5
(As dry basis)/%(≥)
35.0 35.0 95.0 95.0 99.0 99.0
(As dry basis)/%(≥)
30.0 30.0 70.0 70.0 75.0 75.0
Ash/% (≤) 0.3

Sweetener Functional Oligosaccharide Soluble Dietary Fiber 0

Oligosaccgaride With Lowest Calories

The decomposition rate of XOS is low, which meets the needs of dose who suffer from diabetes, obesity.

high pressure and decayed tooth.

Degradation rate of human digestive enzymes was below 0.4% in XOS, but it is more than 10% in FOS and IMO .

Sweetener Functional Oligosaccharide Soluble Dietary Fiber 1


ANHUI ELITE INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD is the sister company of ELITE INDUSTRIAL GROUP (CHINA) LIMITED located in Hefei, Anhui, China.
Founded in 2007, specilized in manufacturing and selling follow products, after about 10years developing,
now we focus on main business fields:
Food ingredients:
1, Soluble dietary fiber, such as IMO, FOS, Polydextrose etc...
2, Oligosaccharides, such as isomaltooligosaccharide, Fructooligossacharide etc...
3, Low calorie sweeteners, such as xylitol, trehalose,maltitol, mannitol, erythritol, sucralose etc...


With a professional teams with over 10years international trading experience,now our products has been sold to over 50countries in the world, our main clients is from North/middle/south american, European, south east asia, middle east, africa etc.



1. 7*24 service

2. small trial order can be accepted

3. fast delivery for the first time cooperative

4.High efficiency, flexible operation, and a variety of payment methods

Sweetener Functional Oligosaccharide Soluble Dietary Fiber 2

Quality Control

Heagreen uses international leading membrane separation and enzymatic hydrolysis technologies to improve the major effective substance 2-4 sugar in XOS and bring the product purity to over 99%, Creating higher efficiency, higher purity and better content for clients

Sweetener Functional Oligosaccharide Soluble Dietary Fiber 3

Flow chart:

Sweetener Functional Oligosaccharide Soluble Dietary Fiber 4



Sweetener Functional Oligosaccharide Soluble Dietary Fiber 5



Q1: Can I get some samples?
A: Yes, free samples are available for most of our products, you only need to pay the shipping cost.

Q2: How to confirm the quality before orders?
A: Two ways, either by free samples, or send us the detailed specifications,

we will arrange the production as per your requirement.

Q3: What's your MOQ?
A: Normally 1 kg, but smaller quantity is also acceptable for some special products.


Q4: What's the delivery lead time?
A: 7-14 days after payment.

Q5: How about discount?
A: Mainly based on quantity, also some promotional products with special discount from time to time.

Q6: How to contact us?
A: IM: Trademanager, Skype, Whatsapp, Wechat; Call us directly or send us email.


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